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I3 Learning Intiative


Continuous improvement and looking for innovative ways to engage students and increase student learning are important goals of the administrative team and teachers. The Gower INNOVATE 62 Committee ​continues to move the district forward in achieving these goals by ​crafting​ a vision for teaching and learning in Gower. In 2013, the INNOVATE 62 Committee designed and began the implementation of the i3 Learning Initiative in Gower with these important goals in mind.


i3 Learning: Innovate, Integrate, and Inspire

  • will ​promote​ innovation​ in the classroom
  • will integrate digital learning beyond the traditional classroom setting, and
  • ​will ​inspire​ students to create content ​and not simply consume ​it


The ​i3 Learning Initiative continues to focus on and result in​

  • Alignment with the Future Ready Framework and pledge taken by Gower 62 Board of Education resolution on Sept. 23, 2014
  • Alignment with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards
  • Each student having his or her own device (K-1 iPads, 2-8 Chromebooks) and use of a common learning management system.
  • College and career readiness through teachers who have become Google Certified and students who use the Google platform extensively.
  • Focused ​Professional Development​ with an emphasis on utilizing​ more student led strategies and​ ​sharpening​ 21st Century skills.
  • Additional opportunities for students to take ownership of their learning through access to Gower’s online community.
  • Classroom instruction that promotes problem solving, small group collaboration​,​ and student-led learning opportunities that stretch beyond the traditional classroom setting.